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What Does Hemp Help You With?

By Creative Team January 12, 2021 0 comments

Begin the New Year with Healthy Hemp Habits

After last year’s stress, it’s time to try something different. Instead of reaching for wine or just wigging out every time you read a COVID headline, why not try some Hemp/CBD, because we are certain it will work for you in a multitude of ways. From anxiety to sleep management to recovery after a workout, 5E Hemp can help you begin the year with a better attitude and the best results for your health and happiness.

Expectation Education

Everyone's cannabinoid system is different and therefore everyone will have different and unique results. The effects of CBD may be subtle, the difference may not be immediately noticeable. It's not unusual for you not to feel any immediate effect from either the gummies or our caramels. CBD is not going to behave the same way that a pain pill or a sleeping pill will, you will not feel an overwhelming effect or any euphoria by any means.

The All-Natural Option

CBD works by promoting increased and healthy blood flow and has very strong anti-inflammatory properties. Look at taking CBD in the same way as you would take a daily multivitamin, you take it every day, so it will aid in your body’s response to inflammation, muscle soreness, stress/anxiety, etc.

CBD is not going to cure anything but will more so make it more tolerable and may bring your pain or discomfort and stress levels down. One of our customers has Fibromyalgia and she purchases the T5K to aid her in pain relief. She claims that the tincture reduces her pain level from a 12 to a 7. That is a huge difference; it is an unbelievable and (more importantly) all-natural option versus over-the-counter medications.

There are studies and more and more evidence is coming out that Hemp/CBD does work, we would recommend to keep on taking it, chances are that you will find some benefits as you continue and it evolves with your body’s natural response.

Start 2021 the Right Way

What if we told you incorporating CBD into your athletic recovery plan for the New Year needs to be at the top of your Resolutions List? January 1st is the start of plans to be a new you. We all know getting in shape tops the list of resolutions. Meeting your goals requires a cocktail of adequate sleep (6-8 hours of sound shuteye), hydration, nutrition, consistency and recovery. Add hemp to that cocktail and you have a recipe for success.

After an intense workout, your muscles go through a recovery period and need nutrients to help them repair themselves. Recovery is the secret when it comes to reaching your goal. CBD, the non-addictive, non-psychoactive gift from the cannabis plant doesn’t impair your mental cognition or get you high. In fact, it can improve your ability to focus and increase muscle recovery from over exertion or injury. You can recover from a workout with the usual suspects like supplements, foam rolling, stretching and rest…and yes, CBD!

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