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What is Dit Da Jow?

By Creative Team October 02, 2020 0 comments

How the Historic Chinese Herb is Being Used in Hemp Products

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has harnessed the power of hemp since long before Western modern medicine came into existence, and now it seems like the directional roles are reversing as American hemp companies are adding Chinese herbs and nutritional components to their products. People have been adding Ancient Chinese Medicines to health products and supplements for generations, but over the last decade companies have started to see the benefit of such properties, leading them to use ingredients such as the infamous Dit Da Jow to assist in the benefits of Hemp/CBD.

The (Not So) Mysterious Healing Liniment

Traditionally, a topical herbal liniment, Dit Da Jow loosely translates from Mandarin to ‘Hit Medicine’. It is a varying blend of Chinese herbs that has been used for over thousands of years. It is known to help heal sprains, bruises, or other injuries where blood stagnation or stasis is involved. It is said to penetrate deep, dispersing stagnated energy and breaks up black and blue marks that occur from training and everyday injuries.

I have been practicing Chinese Herbal Medicine for almost 30 years. I was very excited to help 5E who was looking for help with their products. My formula contains herbs such as cinnamon back, angelica root, safflower, bugleweed, as well as clove, fennel, frankincense and myrrh. I created an oil based version of the formula for use in 5E Hemp products. Now 5E customers have the best of both worlds: Western and Eastern herbs and natural medicines combined to create synergistic products for optimal results. It is famous for joint support as well as pain and traumatic injuries. I use this daily at my Acupuncture practice in Florida.

Dr. Dale Dugas

The Elemental Connection

Between ingredients in Chinese Medicine and the Endocannabinoid system (ECS) there are vast similarities in how they interact and affect the body. The ECS regulates everything from relaxation to eating, sleeping, inflammation and even cognitive function. In a nutshell, both hemp and Dit Da Jow help make sure the entire body is working optimally. We add Dit Da Jow to our CLEAR Roll-On to assist in the repairing of muscles after working out or working hard, by helping circulation, which leads to pain relief.

The Art of Dit Da Jow

Dit Da Jow has primarily been used by martial artists to aid the healing of the injuries suffered in training. Before hemp roll-ons became popular for athletes and people with a focused, active lifestyle, Chinese medicine practitioners had been using Dit Da Jow to great effect. While hemp on its own is a powerful and effective analgesic and anti-inflammatory compound, the added combination of Dit Da Jow herbs is what makes our CLEAR Roll-On the clear choice for localized aches. The result is relief thus staying consistent in your routine.

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